Sunday, April 30, 2006

Processes using the internet

Sometimes I notice that some mysterious process is downloading data from the internet. (gkrellm shows me that data is being downloaded, even though I'm not doing anything). This is probably just "apt-get update" running in the background. But is there any way to tell for sure which process are sending and receiving data from the internet?

I asked this question on Ubuntuforums, and I got a very nice reply.

There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Simply use the command: sudo lsof -Pni
  2. You can use a tool called trojanscan (homepage here)

Personally, I prefer the first method. But system administrators may like TrojanScan better, has it has more features, and you can choose to ignore the usual processes.

Have fun


Super Grub Disk : HomePage

Super Grub Disk : HomePage

This is a great software that helps you boot if you've messed up grub or your MBR. I haven't tried it out, but it seems fairly simple to use. If I encounter any problems with it, I'll edit this post and tell the details. :)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

A new look & feel

I've been using xfce for quite some time now, almost a year, and I began to get bored of it. So I decided to switch to KDE. That's quite a drastic change, compared to the minimalistic look of xfce.

Even so, it's a good change. That's the beauty of linux, you have many choices. And if you don't like the choices given to you, you can even make your own desktop environment :)