Monday, July 28, 2008

OpenOffice is irritating!

OpenOffice can really piss you off at times. It can be extremely unintuitive...

For instance, I wanted to print out some slide handouts today. There is a tab called "Handouts" at the top, where you can select a layout.

Now to print this, I went the usual File > Print, and ended up getting a normal print, not he handouts...

So what do you have to do to get Handouts instead of the normal print?
Go to File > Print. And click on the button called "Options"

Now how could this have been more intuitive? Instead of a button called "Options..." we could have a button called "Select print contents..." Or even better, if I'm currently on the handouts tab, select the handouts by default.

Despite the occasional irritations, OpenOffice is awesome. There I still a lot of improvements I'd like to see though.