Thursday, March 02, 2006

Resizing lots of images at once

My sister got engaged recently, and I had a lot of high resolution pics, which I wanted to upload. I needed to resize these images, in order to make them small and upload them.

I found out about a command called "mogrify". All I had to do was:
1) Create a separate folder, and backup the high-res pics, as they will be overwritten.
2) Run the command mogrify -geometry 640x425 ./*.* in the directory that I had to resize the images.
3) Wait...

In a couple of minutes, all the images will be resized !!

Mogrify can do a lot more than just resize images. Run mogrify -help for details. :)

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Anonymous said...


I was searching for a software to resize lots of images at once and found your blog. As a newbie, I don't use and also don't like command line but this one is very easy and works fine.

Thank you,
André (Dreamlinux user)