Sunday, June 08, 2014

Reasons I regret buying a Windows Phone

Back in January, my Motorola XT910 went bust. It was a great phone, and I'm sad it didn't last as long as I hoped. I decided that I did not want to spend as much on a new phone. The Motorola G was supposed to be launched that month, but it got delayed. So I bought a Nokia Lumia 520 instead.
The Lumia 520 is a great phone for its price. Nokia has done well. But the OS is horrible.

Why do I need Windows 8 to develop for the phone?
Yeah, so the Windows Marketplace appears to be filled with low-quality apps that need all possible permissions and spam me with ads. "Never mind", I thought, "I'll just make some apps myself". Oh how wrong I was!

You see, I use Windows 7 on the Desktop, which does not support the latest version of Visual Studio, which is needed to develop apps for WP8. On Windows 7, I can develop applications using the older SDK, which is compatible with WP8, but there is no way I can deploy it on my phone!

"So just use a virtual machine", the forums said. Ok, but what about the fact that Windows 8.1 Pro costs INR 20,000 which is more than twice the cost of my phone?! Not to mention the terrible UI that I will have to endure.

Why can't I see the WiFi signal strength?
Seriously, It doesn't even tell me if WiFi is active or the mobile data connection is being used.

What's with the oversized titles?
Stop eating my screen space! It's a small phone. You're eating up more than 20% of the screen with that oversized title. Besides, I don't want to share what I'm doing with the people around me in the bus.
Seriously, look at this humungous block of text:

And lastly,
Changing media volume changes ringtone volume.
Seriously, what?! I don't even...

So if you're thinking of buying a Windows Phone, think again.

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