Monday, June 19, 2006

ext2 upgraded to ext3

I was absolutely bored of fsck running every time I have an unclean unmount. It was so fscking boring! This was bacause my linux partitions are ext2, and not ext3.

I realized that ext3 partions are nothing but ext2 partitions with journaling. (ext3 = ext2 + journaling)

So is there any way to upgrade to ext3. Yes, there sure is! I found this page.

Basically, I had to run the command:
tune2fs -j /dev/hda3

/dev/hda3 being my root partition. After running the command, a .journal file will appear in the root directory.

Next, change your /etc/fstab and mount the / partition as ext3, instead of ext2. And then reboot your system.

1) Make sure your kernel supports the ext3 filesystem. Ubuntu Dapper supports is, so no problem.
2) Do this at your own risk. Backup data just incase.
3) Read this page for more detailed information

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