Monday, June 19, 2006

Mysterious download

The other day, at night, I was doing nothing, just staring at gkrellm. Now, I noticed that some data is being downloaded at a steady 4kBps. At first I just thought it must be a cron job, like apt-get update or something. But I have a 128kbps connection, and whenever something is downloaded, I get a full speed of around 13-14kBps, even during apt-get update

Next, I decided to see whats up, and I ran the command "sudo lsof -Pni" to see all connections. I expected to see an external IP address, but I just saw the usual processes, no external IP was listed, and nothing out of the ordinary was established on the daemons listening on ports. I started to get more suspicious. I started killing daemons that I thought might be causing this: smbd, nmbd, vsftpd, ircd, and some others. But the download didn't stop.

Even though I have a cable connection, my IP address is dynamic. So I simply logged off the internet and then logged in again. The download now stopped, and I had a new IP address.

After this experience, I have decided to install firestarter (which is a firewall). It seems to be very easy to use.

But I wonder what that mysterious download was! And why was it downloading at a lower speed? "ps -A" also showed nothing out of the ordinary and gkrellm showed "1 user".

Strange, isn't it ?

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